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The Gallagher Fault Finder is a   top-of-the-line current meter and digital volt meter built to help you   identify and locate faults in your electric fence line. Gallagher’s Fault   Finder allows you to check voltage, current and shorts in one quick step, saving   you hours of time!
    • Multi-mode fault finding tool: Current Meter and Digital Volt Meter (DVM)  
    • Convenient pocket size
    • Water-resistant and impact-resistant case
    • Large easy-to-read LCD display
    • Long life battery - up to 3 years
    • Auto ON/OFF. Activated when fence pulse is detected
    • Switch to change between DVM and Current Meter modes
    • Retractable voltage probe for reading voltage on energizers and other   hard to reach areas
    • Micro-chip technology that enables low voltage operation
    • Detachable ground lead
    • All parts fully replaceable
    • Low battery indication
    Manufacturer's Part Number: # G50905