W210 Weigh Scale and Alleyway Loadbars (2680)

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W210 Livestock Weigh Scale Make weigh-in easy with the Gallagher W210. Offers   three weighing modes for quick and easy display of animal weights. Compatible   with Gallagher and most other loadbars (sold separately) to create a   livestock scale system.
    • Adjusts easily between automatic, manual and fine weighing modes
    • Large and easy to read display with large labeled push buttons
    • Simple to use with large rotary selector knob
    • Internal rechargeable battery with charge indicator and low voltage   shutdown
    • Continue weighing sessions while charging with the AC adapter or external   battery
    • Extra protection and transportation - tough shock and waterproof case  
    Manufacturer's Part Number: # G012504
Alleyway Loadbars Gallagher Alleyway Loadbars are portable and set up   easily under an alleyway, platform or cage. Can be used to weigh livestock of   any size. Must be paired with an indicator (sold separately) to display   weights.
    • 4,400 lbs weighing capacity
    • Loadbars are 3" high x 4" wide x 23" long. Footings   measure 5.91" wide.
    • Steel construction with slotted top mounting holes
    • Includes two loadbars and 18' polyurethane cable
    • Bottom feet mounting holes extend beyond top covers for ease of bolting   down
    • Fully water-resistant with moisture-proof connectors
    Manufacturer's Part Number: # G06000